Important note: It appears at some point in the long tunnel of years I got concerned about the amount of space being used on my domain here and removed a lot of the goodies off the site. You'll find that many of these links no longer work. I apologize profusely. I may still have these files on a backup hard drive somewhere so email me if you are still interested.

OK, here's the part where I give back to you, the little people. Just kidding. I have some high-res scans of album covers, some desktop-sized images you can use, some nice big Genesis logos, and an insert for the WWW DVD. I have some of my own bootleg album inserts being hosted on another site, to which I have a link down below. I have some photos of the band playing live. In the realm of actual music, I have four mp3s from a very, very early recording of Genesis--they're only partial, but they're very interesting. Finally I have posted some lengthy reviews of shows I've been to. To make it easier for you to get to specific section of Goodies you want, I have provided a link menu almost directly below to the different sections I've broken them up into.

I'm very open to making Goodies to your specifications, so if you'd like any of the below files in a different size, file format, or even coloring (in some cases), I can fix you up. Feel free to email me for that kind of stuff. I may eventually add more things to this page, so check back from time to time! To download the files, right click the thumbnail or the text link (or just hold down the button if you're a Mac user with a one-button mouse) and pick "download link to disk" from the pop-up menu. The sizes for each are listed.

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The first logo is 3" wide in both versions, one a jpeg and one a gif. The second is also 3", and both are 300 dpi. The gif has a transparent background, so if you use it it shouldn't have a white box around it like the thumbnail below. I drew this first logo myself by tracing off of a scan from an album insert in Adobe Illustrator. I am fully capable of switching its colors to match those of one of the album covers; these were my own personal color choices. If you'd like, I can also provide the file in eps format, which would be a vector graphics file. See, raster graphic images like jpegs and tiffs are based on pixels, so when you blow them up to a bigger size the computer calculates and adds pixels that it guesses would go there. This makes blown up raster images really blurry and pixellated. However, vector-based graphics like eps files are based on bezier curves, so when you blow them up they maintain their fidelity. That's your computer graphics lesson for today.

The Old School Logo - jpeg (184 kb) | gif (128 kb)

The Lamb Logo - jpeg (64 kb)

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Album Covers
These covers are 4" wide and 300 dpi, so they're pretty good quality, but they are scans, so you can kind of see the texture of the print job. I also have the full cover of Foxtrot with the back and front available if you want that.

Nursery Cryme - jpeg (988 kb)

- jpeg (936 kb)

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - jpeg (232 kb)

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (back) - jpeg (180 kb)

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My Album Covers
I have created some full-color inserts for a handful of bootlegs. You will notice thumbnails of the covers next to some of the entries in my live recordings section. Some day if I have enough space on the site I may upload the files here, but actually the great majority of these inserts are for shows that now have better circulating versions with their own artwork. The main body of artwork I have produced for really good shows is described below.

The Coaster Factory - artwork

"The Coaster Factory" is a boot remastering group headed by David Kempler, of which I am an on-again, off-again member (mainly in the artwork department). Below are some thumbnails for these inserts. Unfortunately due to space restrictions on my site, I am unable to host them all--but fortunately the friend to all Genesis freaks, Simon Funnell, graciously hosts the artwork for all of these releases (as well as providing us with our own section on his web site, detailing all releases). So you can just visit his website if any of the thumbnails below strike your fancy. Click the text links below to go to my detailed reviews of these audio shows in the live recordings section.

This is a Coaster Factory remaster of "PGWeed1," which documents Peter Gabriel's performance in Rotterdam, Holland, in September of '77 (during his first solo tour).

Rotterdam '77 Front

Rotterdam '77 Back

This Peter Gabriel show, from the last US show in 1986, is called Goodbye USA.

Goodbye USA Front

Goodbye USA Back

Here's another PG show, this one from the Growing Up tour. This one has been released as part of the Encore Series--this audience-sourced version is an alternative for the completist.

Growing Up: Dallas Front

Growing Up: Dallas Back

This cover below is for the bootleg called We Walked on Hornet Field. It was remastered from low generation tapes by The Coaster Factory (David Kempler).

We Walked on Hornet Field Front

We Walked on Hornet Field Back

Here we have the artwork for the remaster of the Southampton '77 soundboard show. Another group called I4Detail also remastered this show, but this one is for the CF version.

In Our Own Special Way Front

In Our Own Special Way Back

A remaster of a wonderful audience gig from early in the Duke tour, when Genesis made an historic return to the famous Friar's Club in Aylesbury, where much of their early fanbase was built.

Back in Aylesbury Front

Back in Aylesbury Back

This one is a remaster of a TOTT tour show from fairly early in the tour, in Boston. The name comes from the habit of the audience to call for "The Knife"--they never got it.

Supper in Boston Without a Knife Front

Supper in Boston Without a Knife Back

This is one of the better audience gigs from the SEBTP tour, featuring a unique singing of the "Jerusalem Boogie" by Pete and Phil before "Supper's Ready." Hence the title.

Jerusalem Boogie in Motor City Front

Jerusalem Boogie in Motor City Back

This one is a bootleg of my own creation, a sort of compilation putting together the complete radio broadcast of Empire Pool tracks from the famous performance of 15 April 1975 (mind you, this is the full broadcast, NOT the full show). Dave Kempler dehissed and otherwise remastered it, and now it's a Coaster Factory release.

Empire Pooled Front

Empire Pooled Back

This is a great remaster of the famous gig from the end of the Duke tour at the Madison Square Garden in NYC. Featuring an encore of "Back in NYC," and a great set.

In-A-Gadda-Da-V'Albert Front

In-A-Gadda-Da-V'Albert Back

Below we have a Coaster Factory Mama tour boot, an audience recording from Chester's b-day.

Greensboro Front

Greensboro Back

Here is what may be the longest-titled bootleg ever, ABaCab: Wrapping Up the World in Clothes of Brass and Cellophane. The source is pre-FM stuff from the famous Three Sides Live shows in New York, 1981 (and possibly various other gigs as well).

ABaCab Front

ABaCab Back

Here is a great show from the Mama tour with some excellent audience atmosphere: Reno: The Center of the Universe.

Reno: The Center of the Universe Front

Reno: The Center of the Universe Back

A remaster of the audience recording from the Savoy in New York from 1981.

The Way New Yorkers Walk Front

The Way New Yorkers Walk Back

Here is a remaster of some great soundboard material from October of 1986.

Invisible Forum Front

Invisible Forum Back

This one is a remaster of the 2/1/77 radio show, from pre-FM sources.

No Gorilla For the Vine Front

No Gorilla For the Vine Back

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Desktop Images
I have provided these at both 800x600 and 1024x768 (except the one I made myself, at the end of this section). If you have a different resolution, you can either use the one provided that's closest, or if you want something that will look a little higher quality, you can email me and I can resize it for you. Or if you have some kind of image editing application you can probably resize it yourself pretty easily. Even if you throw the 1024 image onto an 800 resolution, it should automatically scale down to fit the screen anyway. As you can see, the album covers are just not in the same proportion as the actual monitor size, so I had to crop them a little oddly. The only way to get the entire cover of NC would have been to have extra space on either side, and I thought that would look ugly. But again, if you'd like something different, hey, I'm open.

Nursery Cryme - 800 x 600 (244 kb) | 1024 x 768 (356 kb)

Foxtrot - 800 x 600 (284 kb) | 1024 x 768 (408 kb)

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - 800 x 600 (116 kb) | 1024 x 768 (156 kb)

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (back) - 800 x 600 (100 kb) | 1024 x 768 (136 kb)

Custom Desktop Image (made by me, with various characters from several album covers and a huge logo; only 1024 resolution on this one, but even if you have a smaller screen resolution the picture should automatically scale down to fit.) - 1024 x 768 (220 kb)

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The Way We Walk DVD Camera Angles Insert
The Genesis 2-disc DVD from the WCD concert comes with a fantastic feature: multiple camera angles, so you can see particular band members throughout the song, instead of watching the main director's cut where the angles jump around a lot and you can't tell what chord Mike is hitting or whether Chester's headset flew off his head. However, one thing the DVD is missing is any kind of informational insert on the inside of the case to tell you what each angle is pointing at on each song, and how many different angles are actually available for each song. Willem Beens was somehow able to get screen captures from the DVD menu that actually listed this information, and posted them as a jpeg; but it was missing a few tracks and the quality wasn't so hot. So I took the computer generated image of the stage and copied out the info into better text and laid it out in a way that pleased me. Then the official site finally got around to offering their own insert. But theirs, while having the exact same info as mine and having some nice imagery on it, is very low quality and won't print out nice. However, mine is nice and high-res and also prints out to the right size to fit in your DVD case. You should be able to print it out and cut it out and use it. It's a handy reference to have, believe me.

DVD insert - jpeg (664 kb)

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Band Photos
Thanks go to Kevin DeVito for sending me some hi-res scans of photos he took of the band at two different shows in 1977 and 1978. Due to space limitations on the site, I could not put up the full-size, raw files he sent me. Clicking on the thumbnails below will take you to fairly large versions, however, which have been somewhat touched-up by me in Photoshop. Feel free to contact me if you would like the original files.

LA Forum, 24/3/77

LA Forum, 17/4/78

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Some Music
In 9 January 1970, Genesis recorded four songs for a documentary about a painter named Mick Jackson. They were recorded at BBC Studios and a fantastically good quality tape of this recording exists, but is currently not officially or unofficially available. However, short 20 second clips of the four songs in mp3 form have leaked out. So, in the spirit of giving, I am putting them up here for your enjoyment. Be aware they are painfully short, but what is there sounds pretty great. The file size of each one averages around 325 K.

Frustration (early Anyway)
Manipulation (early Musical Box)
Provocation (early Looking For Someone)
Resignation (similar to Provocation)


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