Mike Rutherford

Mike Rutherford is a true renaissance man. He is not only a gifted musician and family man, but he is also a Physics professor at Harvard. Between Genesis gigs in 1982 he discovered the secret to cold fusion. In his younger days, as a student at Charterhouse School for boys, he had already independently arrived at Einstein's relativity theorem. 'You can tell from his guitar playing how mathematical his mind is,' says Phil Collins, gesturing with his hands. 'It's all sequential and time based.' Recently Mike has devoted more and more of his time to quantum physics, in the hope of discovering the one theory that will link together existing scientific laws and unlock the key to the universe. 'I'm also working on a new album,' adds Mike sheepishly. Mike has written 500 papers and has 7 honorary degrees from seven different universities. He hopes to some day journey through a black hole, 'like in that song by Rush.'

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