Due to increased demand and my own decreased free time, I can no longer oblige people with copies of my recordings. I apologize and wish you all good luck in building your own collections. Please do not contact me about my music unless you have something to trade from my wish list. -Steve

NOTE: This "news" section does not include news about the whereabouts or activities of Genesis or its diverse members. My feeling is that all of that is covered quite well by the official site, as they always have the most reliable news and they always have it first, so why bother just repeating what they say on my site? (And actually Simon Funnell does an even better job of keeping up to date and informed on Genesis happenings--check out his main page.) My news section features news about updates on this site, and info on bootlegs that are on their way to me or that I have just received.

28 January 2024 - Happy New Year! It's important to me that I keep my promises to all my loyal fans (ha ha... if there's anyone actually out there paying attention, bless you), so I did in fact write a lengthy review of Peter's latest album, and it can be read here. I hope you enjoy, and for those of you who liked the album more than I did, I hope my own disappointment in it doesn't disappoint you too much! I enjoyed writing this as it gave me a chance to sound off on Peter's whole career, which I have much enjoyed following and analyzing. As usual when I sign off here, I remain uncertain as to when or if I will post again, but here's hoping I will find a reason. Thanks...

28 October 2023 - When I wrote the last entry it sounded like I was done posting here for a while; but I forgot that I'd put The Last Domino? tour rehearsal DVD on my wish list! I received it, watched it, and wrote a review, which is available to read here. One of the things this DVD finally brought me to do was actually Google up what is going on with Chester Thompson. I read a very nice lengthy interview with him where he discussed his falling out with Phil. I do hope they pave this over some day; I don't like the idea of these two guys not burying the hatchet. Genesis is supposed to be one of those few bands without too much personal drama! Anyway, at this point I'm again not sure what could bring me to post anything else on the site. I'd love an excuse to do so, but I imagine it would take one of the band members doing something new. Maybe when Peter actually releases his new album I will write a review of it, though I'm not sure where such a thing would fit on the site. Until that day! Happy listening.

23 September 2023 - Hello hello... Not a lot of movement on the site as there is not a lot going on in my world that is Genesis-related. However, true to my prediction from the last posting, I did write a review of the Peter Gabriel show I saw last weekend, which is available to read here. It also includes a few photos my wife took during the show. Hope you enjoy! All for now. I also saw Steve Hackett not too long ago when he was playing Seconds Out live, but I don't think I am going to write a review of that, though it was a lot of fun and I have the T-shirt to prove it. Not sure what excuse I will find to update this website again. We shall see!

15 April 2023 - I finished watching the When in Rome DVD and composing an incredibly lengthy review from my notes, which I just posted. I encountered a few difficulties from the fact that I composed the review in a Google doc and then tried to transfer it over into html - turns out it didn't like my apostrophes or quotes. But it's there now. I hope someone out there finds it enjoyable! This may mark the end of regular updates to the site for a while, though as I mentioned I will be looking into getting that more recent tour documentary and eventually adding a review.

I also have tickets to see Peter Gabriel later this year! So I'll likely write a review of that. I've been listening to his new tracks as they dribble onto the internet. I have mixed feelings about them at the moment, but I eventually learned to love Up so hopefully the same will happen with i/o...

2 April 2023 - Quite a few little updates to the site today. First, I updated the solo pages in the Live Recordings section so that they would have a matching background color and rollover operation to all the other pages in the Live Recordings section. Then I updated various lists in my Lists section to include the existence of the Last Domino? tour. That includes the Set Lists page, the Band Line-Ups list, and Most Played Live list, and the Pete-Era Songs Played by Phil-Era Band list. Then, and more obscurely, I tweaked the last page of my Picture Caption Test because I noted some line breaks that were screwing up my scoring table. I also added some information about The Last Domino? to the bottom of my Mysteries page.

I am also slowly working up some notes in preparation for writing a review of the When in Rome 2007 tour DVD, which I've owned for quite a long time but never listed on the site. Turns out the DVD has quite a few features and I haven't watched it in ... several years, so I'm going to take some time going through that. I am also looking into acquiring the promotional video made in preparation for the 2021 tour, so may add a review of that one of these days.

19 March 2023 - Look, two weeks in a row with updates! I posted my review of the BBC Broadcasts set to a Genesis Facebook group to which I still belong, and the only comment I got about it was that the background was too dark to read the page. This made me realize that I'd been thinking the same thing for... several years, without doing anything about it. The main reason I hadn't done anything about it was that I had a whole set of ancient rollover graphics that I built about sixteen years ago that used that background color, and I didn't want to have to fix them all. But this weekend I went in and roughed out what was probably a ridiculously inefficient set of javascript functions to do the work of all those rollovers, so that I could finally lighten up the background color on all the live recordings pages (of which, it turns out, there are around 30 - yikes). There are still some sub-pages in the Solo Artists section that use the old darker background, which I may get around to fixing one of these days. But for now the great majority of them have been fixed.

I also updated the main Live Recordings page to add a caveat about the information in that FAQ, which is incredibly dated; and I added at least a mention of the Last Domino tour, for the sake of actually acknowledging that it exists, even though I don't have any recordings from it (by the way if anyone would like to point me to any of those, feel free to let me know!). I am considering plans to update my list of band lineups and tour set lists to include information for the Last Domino tour as well, though I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Finally I'm going to go and update the actual index page of this site, because why not?

11 March 2023 - Ha ha ha ha! Look at the last time I updated this site. Guys it's been about fifteen years. How insane is that? I guess what finally convinced me to do it was the BBC Broadcasts set, which I just bought. I wrote a review of it which is available here. I also (somewhat belatedly, again by about fifteen years) finally wrote a review of the 1970-1975 remix box set. Ha ha. I hardly know why this happened but here we are. I don't know if this means I'll be making any other updates to the site but we'll see. I might try to bring some of my comments about trading more into the twenty-first century - many of the things I used to do back when I was trading seem akin to painting the walls of caves these days. Anyway, long live Genesis y'all.

20 November 2008 - At last I have chosen to sit down and bang out various updates to the site. The following shows have been added (in no particular order):

9/1/72 Sounds of the Seventies re-broadcast: awesome-sounding 2008 broadcast of this famous BBC Session
26/6/76 Fest in Bern (Digital Brothers)
17/6/77 Cologne (slight upgrade to my previous version)
19/4/75 Liverpool (soundboard Lamb show with rare Knife encore)
11/1/75 Lakeland (GASP 16)
15/4/76 (BURP 4)
19/7/78 (BURP 20)
26/3/78 (BURP 34)
1/4/76 (BURP 40)

I also added to my Mysteries page some comments I received about a year ago about the meaning of The Lamb. I updated my Lists page with some submitted misheard lyrics for "Squonk." And I added a photo credit to one of my past Contest images, since the person who took the photo kindly contacted me.

Finally I have added a 2-DVD Cleveland '07 Musical Box show to the DVD page. This is one I mentioned way back in February of 2008--now it's finally on the site.

Note that my comments about not providing free recordings to people still stand, unfortunately. It took me a very, very long time to add these shows to the site, because I just don't have the time to spend on this site anymore. I was happy to get these updates done, however. You never know, if something major happens in the Genesis world I may become more active again.

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