Due to increased demand and my own decreased free time, I can no longer oblige people with copies of my recordings. I apologize and wish you all good luck in building your own collections. Please do not contact me about my music unless you have something to trade from my wish list. -Steve

NOTE: This "news" section does not include news about the whereabouts or activities of Genesis or its diverse members. My feeling is that all of that is covered quite well by the official site, as they always have the most reliable news and they always have it first, so why bother just repeating what they say on my site? (And actually Simon Funnell does an even better job of keeping up to date and informed on Genesis happenings--check out his main page.) My news section features news about updates on this site, and info on bootlegs that are on their way to me or that I have just received.

20 November 2008 - At last I have chosen to sit down and bang out various updates to the site. The following shows have been added (in no particular order):

9/1/72 Sounds of the Seventies re-broadcast: awesome-sounding 2008 broadcast of this famous BBC Session
26/6/76 Fest in Bern (Digital Brothers)
17/6/77 Cologne (slight upgrade to my previous version)
19/4/75 Liverpool (soundboard Lamb show with rare Knife encore)
11/1/75 Lakeland (GASP 16)
15/4/76 (BURP 4)
19/7/78 (BURP 20)
26/3/78 (BURP 34)
1/4/76 (BURP 40)

I also added to my Mysteries page some comments I received about a year ago about the meaning of The Lamb. I updated my Lists page with some submitted misheard lyrics for "Squonk." And I added a photo credit to one of my past Contest images, since the person who took the photo kindly contacted me.

Finally I have added a 2-DVD Cleveland '07 Musical Box show to the DVD page. This is one I mentioned way back in February of 2008--now it's finally on the site.

Note that my comments about not providing free recordings to people still stand, unfortunately. It took me a very, very long time to add these shows to the site, because I just don't have the time to spend on this site anymore. I was happy to get these updates done, however. You never know, if something major happens in the Genesis world I may become more active again.

20 October 2008 - Due to increased demand and my own decreased free time, I can no longer oblige people with copies of my recordings. I apologize and wish you all good luck in building your own collections. Please do not contact me about my music unless you have something to trade from my wish list.


22 February 2008 - Wow, my first post of 2008! I bet you thought I was done updating this site, didn't you? It took a snowstorm in New Jersey, but I finally put some new shows up on my pages (the ones I said I might get up at the end of last year). They are as follows:

2007 Encore shows: Montreal, Cleveland, San Jose, Hollywood Bowl (first night)

No Gorilla For the Vine (2/1/77) - this is a new Coaster Factory release which may not be getting circulated yet--I may be a bit premature putting this on the site...

All the Help I Can Get (29/9/82) - soundboard recording of rehearsals for the famous Six of the Best reunion concert!!!! Awesome.

I also put up two different shows from 10/6/76. One is a capture from the streaming source on Wolfgang's Vault. The other is GASP 14, a complete soundboard recording from that night!

Another item that I have but haven't put on the site yet is a two-disc DVD of The Musical Box's performance at Cleveland on 9/12/07. This is their "Black Show" version of the Selling England tour re-creation, which I did not get to see, so I am glad to have this. The footage is audience-shot. As soon as I watch this I will put a review on the site--though it may take another blizzard before I manage to get that done!

24 December 2007 - A Happy Holidays to all Genesis freaks everywhere! Long time, no update. I have finally added my NA Encore shows to the Turn It on Again tour page. I also did add a review of that Musical Box DVD mentioned in my last posting of over a month ago. I have some more NA Encore shows, a new Coaster Factory release, and another Lamb soundboard which will be getting reviews on the site when I have the time--possibly this week!

12 November 2007 - A couple of new GASP releases came out recently and have forced me to update my pages, including my best bootleg list. I still haven't watched that Musical Box DVD, but I may get to it one of these days.

3 November 2007 - You'll see the South Bank Show DVD on my video page, the Bottom Line '78 shows on my Gabriel page, and one of Gabriel's Encore shows from his 2007 tour at the bottom of that page. I also got an audience-recorded show from the Turn It on Again tour, which is on that tour page. The only other thing I have to put on the site is a Musical Box DVD, apparently their almost-official release that got scrapped.

Honestly, I'm trying to stop trading! :)

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